What Bank Statement Amount is Allowed to Study in Europe

What Bank Statement Amount is Allowed to Study in Europe. There are a lot of students from all over the world who want to study in different countries of Europe. If you want to make a survey then you will find out the above answer. But is it really easy to be allowed to study in any country of Europe. Perhaps not. There are a lot of reasons. Of those to show legal Bank Statement Solvency is the biggest hindrance in this case. A lot of students become unable to show this amount in a proper way. In addition to this you will be acquainted with some students who are not sure about the amount of Bank Solvency Certificate. So I must have to know about My Bank Statement amount which will allow me to study in different countries of Europe.

What Bank Statement Amount is Allowed to Study in Europe

So at first we must have to know that what is a bank-statement. Let’s discuss on this topic.

What is a Bank Statement:

About everyone in this world have a Bank Account. A bank Statement or Account Statement is an outline of monetary exchanges which have happened over a given period on a ledger held by a man or business with a money related foundation.

Bank proclamations have truly been and keep on being normally imprinted on one or a few bits of paper and either sent specifically to the record holder, or kept at the money related foundation’s neighborhood office for get. As of late there has been a movement towards paperless, electronic proclamations, and some budgetary foundations offer direct download into record holders bookkeeping programming.

A few ATMs offer the likelihood to print, whenever, a consolidated rendition of a bank proclamation, usually called an exchange history, or an exchange history may be seen on the money related organization’s site or accessible by means of phone managing an account.

V.V.I Discussion:

In case of Higher Study in Europe the most important question is-are you solvent enough to continue your study there by your own expenditure. Before Visa Application Process you have to show or submit a Bank Solvency Certificate of a definite amount of money to the Counselor or Embassy which will prove that you will be able to pay your living and study cost of total 12 Months. You have no any other reason to go there rather than to study. Suppose in Germany if you need 670 euro in a month for living and study cost then in 12 month you will need total 12×670=8040 Euro. Hope you understood.

Let’s go to the direct point of discussion. I will show the amount in a table or chart in euro or Dollar or Krona. You just exchange the figure in your Local Currency. This is really very easy to convert.

Country Name Amount to Show Amount in Taka
U.K. 1,000 Pound/12,000 euro 12 Lac Taka
Germany 8,040 euro 8 Lac 4 Thousand Taka
Norway 12,500 euro 13 Lac Taka
Finland 6,720 euro 6 Lac 7 Thousand
Sweden 87,500 Swedish Crona/10,500 euro 10.5 Lac Taka
Italy 7,000 euro 7 Lac Taka
Cyprus 5,000 euro 5 Lac Taka
Belgium + Netherland 7,500 euro 7.5 Lac taka
Portugal 5,000 euro 5 Lac Taka
Romania, Bulgaria $ 5500 US Dollar 4 Lac Taka
Latvia + Lithuania + Estonia 4,500-5,000 euro 4.5-5.00 Lac Taka
Spain 6,000 euro 6 Lac Taka
Austria 6,500 euro 6 Lac 50 Thousand Only
Ireland 8,000 euro 8 Lac Taka
Poland $ 5,500 US Dollar 4 Lac Taka

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